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After enrolling, the student will receive an invoice from the university. Tuition reimbursement policies vary for each organization and it is the responsibility of the student to be aware of his/her organization policy when enrolling. The financial obligation to USC remains with the student. The student is also responsible for being aware of the University's policies regarding drop/add and withdrawal deadlines.

Pursuant to my signature below, I hereby authorize USC to provide my employer with information regarding my enrollment status, course registration, and statement of account if my organization is being billed directly. This information will be provided for billing purposes only.

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I agree that any potential liability of USC, its employees or its contractors with regard to my participation in DEN shall be limited to reimbursement of my tuition expenses.

I agree that I am financially obligated to USC for tuition and all fees related to this enrollment.

I understand that I am required to take mid-term and final examinations at the time and location specified by DEN. Exceptions to this policy are not permitted except under extreme circumstances. Any request for such an exception requires the approval of both the Director of DEN Student Affairs and the course instructor.

Academic Eligibility: Acceptance of this registration does not ensure enrollment qualification or admission at the commencement of the semester. A student must obtain or maintain academic eligibility in accordance with the requirements of the University and the School or Department in which the student is enrolled. Academic disqualification may result in revocation of this registration, even though attendance at classes has already begun.

In the event of such revocation of registration, 100 percent of any tuition paid for that semester will be refunded. The refund process will be initiated by the Academic Review Department of the Office of the Registrar. It is to be expected that refunds will be made within six to eight weeks of the date of revocation.

Financial Obligation : Request of this registration constitutes a legal financial obligation to which I will be held liable in the event I do not follow proper procedures through the Registration Office to change or cancel registration. I have read and understand the current Drop / Refund policy of the University as printed in the current Schedule of Classes. Permission to cancel enrollment does not constitute, nor shall it be construed as, a waiver by USC of my financial obligation. I am still responsible for all outstanding debts and contracts with the University. Furthermore, a student must not have any delinquent financial obligations to USC at the time classes begin or this registration may be revoked. The University reserves the right to assess interest or finance charges on any indebtedness. In the event of such a revocation or registration, 100% of any tuition paid for that semester will first be applied to any outstanding indebtedness. Any remaining credit will be refunded. It is expected that any refunds will be made within six to eight weeks from the date of revocation.

Video Recording Release : By engaging in recorded classes whether in the classrooms or virtual classes, I authorize use by USC of my name, voice, likeness and biographic information in connection with the creation, use and distribution of the video recording.

Academic Integrity : I agree to be aware of and to observe the academic integrity standards for students at USC as printed in SCAMPUS. I further agree that as a member of the University community I share responsibility for maintaining an environment of integrity and for taking action to sanction appropriately individuals involved in any violation.

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