DEN Petition form for On-Campus Students


Who Can Submit This Form?

All on campus students can submit this form. Please see below for different student groups.

  1. Viterbi Undergraduate and Graduate students who cannot attend a class on campus
  2. Viterbi Master's International students in their final semester and enrolled in ENGR 596, ENGR 597 or ENGR 598 for CPT must have an approved CPT before we review your petition. Please register for the on-campus section until your DEN Petition is processed to avoid any registration issues and potential late registration fees.
  3. Non-Viterbi students must get approval from the Viterbi academic department advisor first. Please include a pdf file of the approval from a Viterbi department advisor with your petition form.

Who Cannot Submit This Form?

  1. Any student waiting to get into an on-campus section of a course that is full
    • DEN@Viterbi sections cannot be used as overflow for full on-campus sections
    • If it is your final semester and the course is required, please work with your academic advisor to find a solution
  2. Any student waiting to get into an on-campus section of a course that has a course time conflict

Exam Proctoring for DEN@Viterbi courses

  1. Students submitting this form must indicate where they will be located during the semester.
    • This location is where your mid-term and final exams will be proctored if necessary
    • There will be no exceptions to this location
    • Students living in the greater Los Angeles area will be required to come to campus for their exams if necessary
  2. DEN@Viterbi will not arrange a different exam location should the student decide to travel during the semester*
  3. Students are required to take exams on the date/time as scheduled by DEN@Viterbi whether in person or online
    • There will be no exceptions to this requirement
  4. Students outside of the U.S. should review and submit the DEN International Proctor Packet if possible. Not all classes require proctored exams but we need to evaluate exam proctor options

DEN Petition Processing Time

Other Important Information

  1. Priority for DEN@Viterbi sections is given to full-time DEN@Viterbi students
  2. DEN@Viterbi cannot guarantee approval of request or registration
  3. Students are responsible for meeting any course prerequisites
  4. Please do not submit duplicate requests.

Acknowledgement of DEN@Viterbi policies
By clicking on "I accept", I acknowledge that I have read the above information and will abide by DEN@Viterbi policies if given permission to register.
Click here to fill out the petition form 

*Full-time employees may have an alternate proctoring location approved if company requires travel during an exam period. At least two weeks notice must be given. This does not include students in CPT.